so, are we crazy?

At the end of the week, my husband and I will have quit our jobs *whaaaaaaaaaa?!*

At the end of August, we’ll have sold most of our belongings, and moved the rest into storage *whooooooa*

We then depart on a 10-month adventure across the USA, England and Europe that has been in the works for months (and in our dreams for much longer) *weeeeeeeeeee!!!!*

Are we crazy? Maybe. However, I think given the circumstances, we would be even more crazy not to go for it. Our lease is up, we feel the urge to move on from a city we both fell in love with so many years ago, we were feeling burnt out from our jobs and commutes to/from work, we miss our families & hometown friends, have very little debt, and last but not least, have always talked about and wondered if it would be possible to take off on an adventure. We are thirty-somethings without kids (and since we are both the youngest in our families, already with 9 adorable nieces and nephews, neither side is pining for another grand-kid, or at least that is what they lead on to), so it all just seems like the perfect scenario to put this dream into reality.

The planning and revising of plans, budgeting, choosing & booking destinations has been the focal point of our life for the past several months. Since we are still very much in work-mode, the entire scenario still feels completely surreal. Four more times I will  begrudgingly waking up to my alarm; four more lazy-business-casual work outfits to choose; four more times wondering if I should bring a lunch or just go out to one of the sub-par places around work. What will it feel like to leave the office for the last time Friday? Will I feel more emotional than I do right now? What will Monday morning feel like? What will I do with myself? Oh, that’s right, sell a bunch of stuff, pack up everything I own, and start the next chapter of this amazing life 🙂


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