first week happenings & revelations

The first week of post-employed status has felt like a strangely amazing stay-cation. While employed, most of my vacation days, and even some normal weekend days off were spent on getting out of Seattle. For this reason, an entire week devoted to staying in the city, and reinvigorating our love for it, has been pretty rad.

We spent last weekend having a garage sale in efforts to get rid of some of our crap. My neighbors organized the sale and advertised pretty effectively, so we tagged along. I had no idea having a garage sale could be so fun. We ended both days with bbq dinners & bottles of wine outside in the nighttime summer glow. Huge thanks to Sam, Rick & Eva ((and we can’t forget Patrick, who was one of our best customers after discovering he could fit into the oodles of adidas shoes Andrew was selling!)).

^^this isn’t even half of the complete shoe collection

Have any of you Seattleites been to Happy Hour at Six Seven at the Edgewater? TRUST ME WHEN I SAY IT IS THE BEST HAPPY HOUR IN SEATTLE. I’d been there once before for a work dinner, and had always wanted to go back for a special Happy Hour date. Well what better time than to formally celebrate our life change and pending adventure? Cheers to us! We loved it, and will go back weekly at least once more before departing Seattle.

^^drinks on the waterfront at Six Seven

Other events of the week have included biking to the beach, visiting our landlords’ adorable farm in the country ((the fresh air was very much needed & appreciated)), booking an apartment in Paris and then fittingly enjoying brunch in a French bakery on top of Queen Anne, watching Skyfall ((I enjoy pretty much any James Bond movie there is)) at one of the Seattle Outdoor Movie nights offered in the summer, caught up with an old friend, and last but not least, wandering around this gorgeous city during one of the most epic summers we’ve had in a while and eating way too many meals out ((and yes we consider dessert a meal)).

^^if this photo of divine treats from Le Reve doesn’t make you drool, you should probably check yourself

Five things I have come to realize during this first week of our new “status” …
1. Overall, I feel greatly relaxed and content, but there is still room for me to be even further relaxed, of which I imagine will come as the weeks progress and we finally hit the road.

2. No matter how much you like or dislike your job, it is kind of crazy how much a job will take over your entire life. From the time spent commuting, the day-to-day stress, constantly thinking about decisions you made, something a co-worker said or did, things that didn’t get taken care of yet, etc., it all adds up to most of your waking hours. When all of that is removed, it feels like you have shed a skin. This part will take some getting used to for both Andrew and I, but this was our decision and we are moving forward, full force!

3. Wine is my friend again! For the past couple of years, I’ve had this strange adverse feeling towards alcohol. As much as I’d try to like it, I just couldn’t. Let me tell you, white wine is going down pretty darn easily over the past week, and I am one happy camper about it.

4. My husband is already sick of spending 24 hours a day with me. Just kidding. Not really. Refer back to #1.

5. Having a goal and tasks to accomplish each day will really keep us on track with what the main objective of August is – to clean out the house, decide on what we are taking, putting in storage, or getting rid of.

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  1. Sounds a bit like retirement. I know retirement, but not at thirty-something. I have only spent a grand total of two weeks in Seattle (business travel), but enjoyed the city immensely. On a sunny day, it’s really gorgeous. Portland, Maine where I now live is somewhat similar, although smaller and without they fantastic mountain views.

    1. Mary says:

      Ironically, just the other day my landlord suggested Portland, Maine as a place we may like to settle down once we return to the USA and it made me think of you!

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