How lucky am I that the person to whom I am married is ready and willing to embark on this adventure with me? Willing to leave behind a job he thoroughly enjoyed. Willing to say goodbye to a city which has such a special place in his heart. Willing to unselfishly contribute his savings to our travels. This is most definitely our dream and plan, however a large portion of our time will be spent in England and parts of Europe where he has been, seen, experienced. He wants to experience them again, with me, showing me, as well as explore some new places together, which only makes me incredibly grateful.


I picture us…
blasting the worst songs in the car, and singing along, driving through New Mexico
basking in the warm rays on the beach in San Diego, worried only if we have enough sun lotion on and something cold to drink
playing & laughing with our sweet nieces and nephews
staying up late chatting with each of our parents and siblings
walking up the steps of the Eiffel Tower on the clearest day in February or March that Paris could manage ((me complaining about wearing the wrong shoes, or jacket or purse, or something as we make the climb))
devouring the best pizza we’ve ever had, in Naples
singing You’ll Never Walk Alone at Anfield at the top of our lungs ((preferably after a victory))

^^a very special New Year in London

There will be challenges and bumps in the road. We will have days when we just need a little breathing room. But this is how we grow as a couple, to recognize, embrace & work through the moments and imperfections. These times are what will keep us grounded and give our relationship character. How boring of an adventure if there were no challenges or unexpected bumps along the way.

My darling Andrew: you are the yin to my yang. Thank you for plunging into this adventure with me. I know you are a willful participant, but I also know you are doing this because you can sense how deeply in my heart I am yearning for this adventure. Be patient with me, and remind me to live in the moment when I need a little nudge. I cannot wait to spend this unforgettable experience with you, and add to our growing photo collection.

^^our very first photo as a couple, circa 2007

^^yanks vs. mariners ((2009 maybe?))


^^Christmas Crowns

^^waiting for Florence + The Machine to come out on stage and serenade us

^^one of our most special places, The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

4 Comments Add yours

  1. AR says:

    I LOVE this post – I’m so happy for you guys!

  2. This is my first ever entry hi it’s Shantara you both look so cute together thanks for sharing your trip with us relax and enjoy. God bless. Congratulations on everything love Shantara

    1. Mary says:

      Hi Shantara! Thanks for the comment. I’m so glad you and Uncle Michael can follow along with us. Thinking of you both often!

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