“We will do that in August”

To say I am glad we have all of August to prepare for our departure from Seattle, while getting to enjoy every remaining minute in the city is an understatement. At one point early last week, Andrew said “we could have worked two more weeks.” It was a trade off, as we obviously could have gained two more weeks of pay, or have all of August to ourselves without the stress of trying to pack, relax, have fun, while also finish things up at work. I’m glad we chose to say goodbye to our jobs when we did, at the very end of July; I think we would have felt so rushed and not as relaxed as we do at this moment.

As August approached, and our employed status was coming to a close, we starting brainstorming ideas for creating our Washington Bucket List. Every day we would think of another activity, or restaurant, or Farmer’s Market and say “we will do that in August.” It quickly became a running joke between us, and the silliest things would get the “August” response…like “Can you take the garbage out?” “Yeah, let’s just do that in August.”

I am a list person through and through, so I started making lists and organizing the ideas. Eleven days into the month, and I would say we are doing alright crossing items off the list.

Garage Sale
Visit our landlords adorable farm in Rockport, WA
Get Mary’s car detailed, windshield replaced, road trip inspection
Happy Hour at the Edgewater
Any other notable Happy Hours we can think of ((I think we have done enough damage here πŸ˜‰ ))
Queen Anne Farmer’s Market
Sit on the porch at Le Reve and enjoy a French brunch
Outdoor Movie Night at Magnuson
Work on our suntans
South Lake Union Block Party
Farewell Bonfire Party at Golden Gardens Beach with our Seattle people

Camping on the coast at Kalaloch
Drive up to Hurricane Ridge
Participate in a Trivia Night at one of the local bars
One last Ferry ride
Morning walks around Green Lake ((this would require us waking up prior to noon – ha!))
Lots and lots of bike rides ((we are failing at this one so far!))
Browse around all the various neighborhood Farmer’s Markets we can get to
Pack up our belongings and move it all into storage ((least exciting, but yet so necessary, booooo))
Go see Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge ((THIS is going to give me heart palpitations I am SO EXCITED))

^^my little kitchen calendar of all things August, of which I am now noticing needs some activities for the mid and last weeks of the month

We have three weeks remaining! What would be on your Washington State / Seattle bucket list?

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  1. Bo Bohannon says:


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  2. Bo Bohannon says:


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  3. Bo Bohannon says:

    Fishn. Chipsivarsonwaterfront

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  4. Bryce Murphy says:

    Bo, are you trying to tweet these comments? #PLEASELEARNTOUSETHESPACEKEY

  5. Mo says:

    Pike place Market,hanging around some of the docks,and the map store

    1. Mary says:

      I adore Metskers Maps! Good idea.

  6. Your Big Sis says:

    Amazing pics!! I think you need to add to your list… there is not quite enough! πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see you guys!! (Make a grocery shopping list for me) for real!

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