Hurricane Ridge and Kalaloch

Two places that have been on my Washington must-do list for the past several years are Hurricane Ridge and Kalaloch. And guess what? I just returned from a spectacular trip where I experienced both of them in one shot! Are you ready for this?



We took the Edmonds – Kingston ferry, and proceeded to Port Angeles by car, of which, might I add, was packed full of camping gear…for THREE days. Oops. Andrew & I are both a little bit concerned how we will ever fit 10-months-worth of our belongings and camping gear into my little Civic for a cross-country road trip. We’ll save that challenge for another day ((which is now just less than two weeks away eeeeeee!)).

^^ferry ride fuel, courtesy of Mighty-O Donuts NOM NOM

From a somewhat-cloudy late morning in Port Angeles, we headed up to the mountains, until we reached THIS


The views up here are incredible, to say the least. It was a gorgeous sunny day up at the top, where there is a visitor center and a few different trails which give you a near 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains. They also have tables and benches so you can have yourself the best picnic lunch ever. The thing that I loved most up here was the fresh, crisp, woodsy mountainous scent. I am obsessed with it, and therefore I would like to bottle it up and take with me everywhere.

^^would you believe there were cyclists pedaling up this road?! Mucho respect.

After walks on the trail & a picnic lunch admiring the spectacular views, we headed back down the windy mountain road and towards the coast for our next stop, Kalaloch.


Arriving at site #33 in the A loop of Kalaloch Campground, we quickly set up our tent and headed down to the beach. Hubs knows how to win me over…a site right near the beach trail AND a bathroom ((with flush toilets, ok ok so not quite roughing it)).


^^I really like you, ocean

The rest of our time at Kalaloch was unfortunately cooler, rainy and wet, but we made the best of it by doing wordsearch puzzles, building first-class camp fires, reading, listening to the rain hit the tent, and napping ((that’s right, retired people take naps)). We also walked around the entire campground to seek out the best sites, in the event we ever return ((D loop, the sites in the 30s with incredible oceanfront views)). The campground was clean and well cared for. Even in the pesky Northwest rain, we loved it here.


^^All is well in the world when we succeed in adding some epic jumping photos to our collection.

We packed up the gear ((any Portlandia fans? We got the gear, we got the gear)), and headed North on 101 for the journey back home to Seattle. Just when I thought the best of our time here was behind us, we came across Old Man Cedar. OH…MY…GOODNESS. Trip complete.

^^I like big trees and I cannot lie

Below are some additional photos from our Hurricane Ridge & Kalaloch adventure, and you can follow me on Instagram @marydarbyshire for real-time photo viewing




^^someone left their baby in the sand

^^want s’more?

^^thanks to Andrew’s employee discount for the past couple years, we are set with Mountain Hardware gear for a lifetime a while



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary, great blog entry. Love the jumping photos – how do you do that? (And, you are correct – retired people take naps!)

    1. Mary says:

      Jumping photos are all about perspective and timing…and a good camera with a self timer! Trust me there are some pretty funny out takes that we’re not timed well. I should post some of those soon.

      1. AR says:

        You should. Those are the best. I also think your super long legs – seriously – help. Your trip looked lovely – I wish I could evacuate work and go do that loop of the peninsula!

  2. Bryce Murphy says:

    Omg! Are you wearing shorts?!?!

    1. Mary says:

      BRYCE you win the prize! I was waiting to see which Baden employee would notice.

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