The Cross-Country Road Trip Begins

Currently I am sitting in front of a toasty, mesmerizing camp fire; living out of a car, sleeping in a tent, with no agenda or daily schedule. And life could not feel any more amazing.

We departed 819 NE 68th Street in Seattle mid-day Sunday, for our final time, with a car full of our belongings for the next ten months ((I was confident it would all fit – it would have to fit – but it still surprised me to see how full my car was/is and that it actually does all fit, yay!)). While bittersweet to clear out the house and hand over the keys, I was fully ready to hit the road and begin the real adventures.

^^so long, little home

^^it all fits!!

^^statue in the town of Astoria, Oregon

Overnight stop number one brought us to Nehalem Bay State Park campground, just south of Cannon Beach, in Oregon. The drive down 101 so far has been incredible, and we will continue that route into California. By the way, Oregon ((say it with me “Ore [like iron ore] – Again”)) is so incredibly cool, you guys. Lodged between two tech-heavy states Washington & California, Oregon can get away with not trying to fit in. To me, they thrive just being themselves. Oregonians take such great care of their parks & land, and the laid-back adorable seaside towns are in abundance. Oregon has everything ((and I mean everything)) to offer – gorgeous ocean beaches, dense forests, cities, mountains, lakes, wineries, cycling (even on major roadways they have designated scenic bikeways – the only state in the country to do so) sand dunes, hiking, golfing, 130+ breweries, fresh seafood, berries, and above all of that…no sales tax!

^^and they recycle like no other

^^so I guess the Oregon coast is decent

The first night, I lay in our cozy little tent snuggled up warm in my sleeping bag thinking oh my goodness this is really our life right now! Almost certain I went to sleep with a sizable grin on my face, with a snoring hubs next to me.

On the park map, I noticed an unassuming 2-mile trail and suggested we go for a morning walk. It quickly turned into a three-hour tour, beginning along the beach until we reached the spit, and then returning to the campground on the sandy trail to get a drink and a bite to eat for lunch. Lessons learned – do not assume 2 miles is a short walk when there is sand involved, and take drinking water next time!

^^so cool to watch these birds fly around and then land all close together on the driftwood


Later, we drove to Cannon Beach to wander around the shops and get some photos of the infamous Haystack Rock. It is the fourth largest sea stack in the world, and therefore fittingly a popular tourist destination. It happened to be low tide when we got there, which is the best time to visit, as you can get right up to it and see all the sea life living on and around the rock. The only unpleasant part? It reeks of bird poo, as thousands of birds and other sea creatures call this rock home.

Do you know what famous 1985 film included scenes of the rocks?

^^such a beauty, that rock, along with her little friends, the “Needles”

^^starfish & clams attached to Haystack Rock


This first stop has confirmed our original presumption that two nights are a solid amount of time for a relaxing stay. Most destinations we have planned are at least two nights; some three or four. Even though our small tent takes only minutes to set up, it would feel a bit rushed to pack up everything the very next morning. Some destinations have not yet been determined on how many nights we will stay, which gives us that flexibility to stop when we are tired, or extend a stay in a place at which feels right to take a little more time.


Thanks for following along our journey via the blog, and for all the support thus far. It really puts a smile on my face!

Stay tuned for more Oregon…our next stop will bring us just south of Florence ((after a stop at a tire place as I just noticed something metal lodged in one of the front tires…groan))

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bo Bohannon says:

    Go back North on 101 and just South of Seaside is a motorized GO-CART business…$7 for 10 minutes of hi-speed fun! If your hubby beats you around the track, you can kick his butt in MINATURE GOLF which is next door.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible adventure and letting us with kids vicariously live it with you ☺

  2. Your Big Sis says:

    Thanks for putting this together guys! It’s a great way to see what my sis and bro in law have been up to on the adventure East! Such an adventure is so worth sharing and glad to be one whom it’s shared with. Keep posting the amazing photos and safe travels. Love you lots. See you in a couple weeks!! (I’ll even let you use my soaking tub! Lol ) Did you find the tunnel leading to thhe Spanish Armada and One Eyed Willie? Just wondering. πŸ˜‰

    1. Mary says:

      I forgot about your big fancy tub! I will definitely be taking you up on that. Sadly, we didn’t find the tunnel (but then again we didn’t really look for it hehe). See you soon!

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