More Photos from Berlin

Since the holidays and the New Year are for telling the truth, and I am not one to be excluded from such goings on, I must let you in on what may or may not be a well-kept secret. Actually, every day is for telling the truth, but even more so this time of year.

I have my own personal photographer.

Yep. I said it. I cannot claim full credit for the artsy, primo photos on my blog posts. Yes I edit them and incorporate them into the writing. But one thing I am certainly not is a great photographer. My husband, Andrew, is. He has an eye for capturing exactly what I want to convey through words and visual appeal.

So without a doubt, that makes this blog a collaboration. I do love to write, but without his photographs, I am fully aware that my blog posts could get very boring. He is the unsung hero of my every post, and I wanted to give him some special recognition for putting up with my many photo-related commands such as “oooh get a photo of THAT,” and stealing his thunder every time I post a new photo on my Instagram or Facebook feeds before he does.

So, as a small thank you to Andrew, I dedicate this post to him. Here are some more photos from our visit to Berlin…

20140106-015910 pm.jpg
^^my favorite of the Berlin photos, taken during the magical blue hour

20140106-020837 pm.jpg

20140106-020859 pm.jpg

20140106-023109 pm.jpg
^^for someone ((named Andrew)) who wants to build a home out of shipping containers, this cafe made from containers was a fantastic find

20140106-023128 pm.jpg

20140107-064039 pm.jpg
^^the best thing we ate in Berlin…a little hand pocket of doughy love from one of the Christmas markets

20140107-064116 pm.jpg

20140107-064150 pm.jpg
^^the dome at the top of the Reichstag building

20140107-064224 pm.jpg

20140106-023348 pm.jpg
^^Neue Kirch at Gendarmenmarkt

20140106-023153 pm.jpg
^^close up of Brandenburg Gate

20140106-023634 pm.jpg
^^another shot of Neue Kirch at Gendarmenmarkt

20140106-023753 pm.jpg
^^on the left is St. Mary’s Church; on the right is the Fernsehturm, a television tower, taken from an Alexanderplatz Christmas Market

20140106-023937 pm.jpg
^^Charlottenburg Palace

20140106-023736 pm.jpg
^^Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market

20140107-064253 pm.jpg
^^inside the dome at the Reichstag

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  1. I always admire the photos on your blog Mary! It’s so nice to know that each post is a collaboration:)

    1. Mary says:

      Oh thank you so much!

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