Seeing Liverpool



Sometimes when you hear a place is dull, doesn’t that make you want to visit it all the more? After I had heard so much negativity about Liverpool over the past several years, I was quite interested to see it for myself. What could be so unfavorable about a city that gave us The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club?



I tend to think perhaps the cynicism towards Liverpool comes from those who haven’t actually been there. It was, and is, very much a working class area of England, and therefore people might associate that with being a less than desirable weekend destination. The innovative minds and workers of this 800+ year old port city pioneered railways, ferries and the skyscraper. How could it not be remarkable?

^^even Banksy has stamped his love on Liverpool


Even on a cold, cloudy day, I thoroughly enjoyed the bright contrasting colors along the docks. Just inland from the River Mersey, an abundance of fantastic shops in and around Liverpool ONE politely await your wallets. Inviting restaurants and pubs are a plenty around the city, and The Smugglers Cove at Albert Dock was where Andrew & I selected for our evening dinner and drinks.



It is probably clichΓ© to describe every place in England as old mixed with new, but Liverpool embodies this perfectly. Especially due to the major regeneration that’s been happening there over the past twenty-plus years.





I was only in Liverpool for one day, before a Pilgrimage to Anfield. For many places that I’ve been over the past five months, one day would be enough, and I’d be pleased to then cross it off my list. But I feel differently about Liverpool. I want to return and explore more. I want to spend a day at the Museum of Liverpool. I would like to see all the memorabilia at the Beatles Story. I want to get all decked out in my best outfit and experience the electrifying Liverpool nightlife.





I am so glad I got to see Liverpool for myself. If you happen to be nearby, go and spend a weekend there. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. And don’t be afraid to feel skeptical next time someone tells you a place is awful. Go see it for yourself!

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  1. Sounds like a fab day! I love the contrasting photos of old and new:)

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