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Before I post more about my recent trip to France, I thought it might be an ideal time to share with you the other blogs I frequently get sucked into read. If you are currently snowed in like me ((seriously…in western NC? this is bs)), you may need to step away from the same old draining television programs or Spotify/Pandora/Rhapsody playlists and dive into some great blogs.

I had no idea the blogging world was so expansive, particularly travel blogging. There is a massive community of people writing about their part-time and full-time travels. I became really inspired for my own recent adventure by spending hours and hours browsing these superb blogs. Not to mention, I’ve learned a number of valuable tips from the blogosphere, like what credit/debit cards to have while traveling overseas ((for the record, Capital One for credit card and Charles Schwab for debit)), and that 2005 was a really good year for wine. Spending money and drinking wine are two of my best talents, so you can imagine my elation when learning these important tidbits.

Not only do I frequently browse travel blogs, but I can also be found checking out any number of food blogs, as well as blogs about people’s every day life. It is kind of brave to put your life out there for others to read about, but if you love to write and tell your story, it can seem like the most natural thing to do. I think the really good bloggers find a way to be completely honest and comfortably share what they feel most passionate about.

Below are some of my favorites. Cozy up with a blanket, warm beverage, and give them a look. Who knows, maybe you will find some unexpected inspiration in your life!


Young Adventuress
I declare that Liz of Young Adventuress was born to write. She does it so well, with humor and brutal honesty. The icing on an already delicious cake is her stunning photos which help to illustrate her story. I can spend days and days reading this blog, and it would never be enough. Liz has a zest for life that I dream about. After reading a few posts, I think you will agree she is an old soul, and you too will want to immediately meet her for a coffee and/or a bungee jump.

Ashley Abroad
Ashley is a fellow American who moved to Paris at the age of 21 to become an au pair, and hasn’t looked back since. What I love most about her blog is how effectively she is proving you can live the life you desire, even when you are young and broke. She also posts some incredible photos, and her kindness just oozes through the site. I think every 20-something girl ((and older)) can relate to what challenges and moments she is going through, no matter what country she’s in. What an incredible time for her to be learning about the world firsthand, while also learning about what kind of person she wants to be.

Adventurous Kate
Kate is probably one of the most well-known female traveler writers in the blogosphere. I think it would be tough to calculate all the ladies and gents she has inspired to travel full-time, or just travel at all ((just to give you an idea, she has over 16,000 followers on her Facebook page and over 4,000 followers on Instagram!)) Kate quit her professional job in Boston at the age of 26 and has traveled to dozens upon dozens of countries since then, blogging the entire way. Adventurous Kate is a wealth of travel knowledge, and it is enjoyable to read what she has to say about so many interesting places all over the world.

The Grown Up Gap Year
If you read my interview about quitting my job to travel for a year back in November, you may already be familiar with this blog. Along with other valuable information about how to intelligently pack it up for an extended travel adventure, Emily-Ann also posts about her travel book club, and useful product/gear reviews. Truth be told though, I am partial to the weekly interview series ‘If I can do it, so can you,’ and look forward to a new post every Monday.


The Foodies at Work
The Foodies at Work is a fun collaboration between my friend Angela and her foodie pal, Melissa. Angela lives in Manhattan; Melissa lives in Boston. They each share posts about their culinary adventures in the kitchen, at restaurants in their respective cities, food expos, holidays & travels. I love the fun, positive vibe of their blog, and they keep it that way by choosing to write about great experiences.

In Sonnet’s Kitchen
I started out following Sonnet’s blog ((previously called ‘For the Love of Food’)) to drool over her photos of gorgeous food made from fresh ingredients and anyone-can-do-them recipes. She is a beautiful writer, and arguably an even better photographer. Her blog has evolved over the years to appeal to more than just the food lovers. It is hard to spend any amount of time on her site and leave not wanting to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

Healthy Happy Life ((also known as Lunchbox Bunch))
Even though all the recipes on this blog are vegan, you don’t have to be a plant-based diva to appreciate the beauty of the fresh recipes and food photography. We could all use a little dose of healthy in our lives, and this is the place to find inspiration.


Go Jules Go
I give you five minutes of reading Julie’s blog before you want her to be your gal pal. She is hilarious, and posts about anything and everything from pet photos/videos ((her pooch’s name is Uncle Jesse, ha!)) to recently losing her job and trying to sell her house. Nothing is perfect in her world, but it all seems perfectly ‘Jules’ to find the humor in every situation, and luckily for us, share it via her blog.

Love Taza
Warning: this blog will most likely give you life envy. When I read Naomi’s blog, I want to be a hip NYC mom/wife with two adorable little toddlers, baking with them in my tiny kitchen, and exploring NYC’s best pizza places with my handsome husband. They are the cutest family ever, and I love reading about their daily adventures, as well as marveling at such vibrantly gorgeous photography.

Someone Once Told Me
Mario of Someone Once Told Me happens to be engaged to Kate of Adventurous Kate, and thus how I found out about his blog. Every day, he posts a photo of someone holding a large white pad of paper containing a phrase someone once told them; a phrase which they have never forgotten. He then writes a little paragraph about the person’s story behind the phrase. I enjoy this blog because everyone of us have a story. At one time in your life, someone has told you something that crushed you, motivated you, made you feel ashamed or alive. ‘Someone Once Told Me’ captures these stories from people around the world.

What are some of YOUR favorite blogs?

PS wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are and whomever you are with! And if you are alone, celebrate loving yourself. Pop open that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving, and toast to another day in your kick-ass life!

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