Happy Anniversary – A Guest Blog.

Mary and I have spent the last 6 months traveling together on this great adventure we have been fortunate to embark on, visiting and experiencing many different places and cities, while being boundless in the world. We’ve been free to make decisions on where we want to go and what we want to be doing at any given time, the freedom to not feel constrained or rushed. Even with a plan, we didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything we didn’t want. We could change our minds and deviate from our course. We had the choice; the choices were not being made for us. And it has been an adventure. Something that can never be taken away or changed. Through all the cities and states, countries and continents we have visited, we have gained memories, had fun, seen the sights, taken tons of pictures and made top 3 lists for each day, week and month (top 3 highs of the trip, Mary?).

We were so right to do this. So lucky to get the chance and so fortunate to be in a position to direct our own lives the way we wanted them to go while we could. With all this amazing opportunity being realised, the best part of all of it hasn’t been the adventure or the discoveries, it hasn’t been the time away from work or lack of worries or stresses, it hasn’t been the living the life on the road, sleeping in tents, hotels or on couches. It hasn’t been the food or the drink we have gorged our way through. Nor the cities, towns, villages or hamlets we have passed through, or the coast lines, deserts or mountains that have surrounded us. Not the skyscrapers or trees vaulting up into the sky around us, the rivers and lakes reflecting the world around them, the silence of the forest, or roar at a sports game. It’s not the sun shining on our faces on the beach, or the rain flooding us into our car in the city. It hasn’t been the campfires, sleeping bags or multitudes of beds we have slept in. It’s not been the car rides, trains or planes we have travelled in. It’s not. For all they are worth and as amazing as they all are it’s really been one defining thing that has made everything so good. It’s been my partner. It’s been the fact that I’ve been with my best friend the whole time, side by side, right there smiling, laughing and holding my hand. You’ve been my warmth, my laughter, my thoughts, my love, my life, and you always will be. And that is what I am so happy about for this journey. Long may it continue, wherever it takes us next.
Mary & Andrew forever.

Andrew Darbyshire


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