Mary in Paris: The Sights


Now that you’ve seen/read about my visit to the Eiffel Tower and What I Ate, how about taking a tour around Paris with me to see some of the other sites?

Paris is just as spectacular as you would imagine. Maybe even more so. Sometimes you get so hyped up about a place, which is then followed by disappointment or confusion at it not being what you thought. To me, Paris was every bit that I envisioned. Apart from the amount of street performers playing accordians. I wanted more of that. I only saw two playing on the Metro and one playing on Pont des Arts bridge. I suppose I hoped a sweet old Parisian man would follow me around Paris the entire weekend playing Edith Piaf tunes on his accordion as my own personal soundtrack.


As with the Eiffel Tower, I am still blown away that I stood in front of each of these famous landmarks. Being in Paris for a weekend meant there really wasn’t ample time to go inside and thoroughly explore each of them. So we admired from a short enough distance, waited for the rain to pass, and got the photographic reminders of being there in that very moment.

Musée de Louvre






Pont des Arts



Sacre Cœur




Notre Dame




Arc de Triomphe



I refuse to select a favorite sight, but I will say I was most surprised at how photogenic the Louvre was. Nearly impossible to get a bad photo of it from any angle, and there are lots of angles because that place was huge.

After painfully longing to visit Paris for much of my life, I am left contemplating which location now takes over as the object of my desire. A return to Paris is obviously a must, but it won’t be the same deep longing for someplace I’ve never been. I need a new place to obsess over. Eating my way through Italy comes to mind since we never made it there this time around. New Zealand? Scandinavia? Although I may never deeply long for a solo city like I did Paris, something tells me it won’t take much time at all to feel those reoccurring pangs of voracity to plan another sizable adventure.

How grateful I am to Mr. & Mrs. D for showing me Paris. It was most definitely a weekend to remember.

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