Back in New York State

The beauty of feeling like I need a change of scenery in my life right now is that I can make it happen without too much difficulty. Sure I disliked departing the warm North Carolina sunshine, but I knew it was time to change venues and come spend time with my family and friends in New York.

Last week went by in a flash. My cousin Melissa and her happy-as-a-clam 10-month old came to visit my mom and I for a few days. We had so much fun hogging the baby, watching old home movies, and showing them around Old Salem and Mount Airy. After they departed, it was time to pack my bags not for the west coast, but for a road trip up the other coast.

^^ I mean, I dare you to try and resist this little lady

Trust me when I tell you my parents know a lot of people. Even though I am from a very small town in upstate NY, it never stops blowing my mind just how many people we know who are spread out across the East Coast and therefore driving up and down the coast from time to time. A couple of weeks ago my mom and I were brainstorming a plan to get me up to New York. My mom’s eyes opened wide when a lightbulb went off in her brain that family friends would be in nearby Virginia visiting their grandkids, and therefore driving back to NY afterwards. We phoned them up, asked a favor, and on Saturday I was in the back seat with their sweet dog Gracie, traveling through VA, WV, MD, PA and finally NY. Bam. That was easy.

Things came together so quickly that I didn’t really reach out to let people know I would be arriving back in NY, apart from my dad and sister. Despite that, I have already had a fantastic bbq lunch with two aunts, an uncle and three cousins who were in town for the weekend. I got to see my niece play soccer ((and score a hat trick!)), and celebrate Father’s Day with my dad. And by celebrate I mean break his chops as much as possible. I also ran into three girls from high school, whom I haven’t seen since I graduated oh so long ago, and told me they loved following my blog which of course made my day.

^^ cousin time is the best. one of them even joined in via facetime!


I get to see my best girlfriends this coming weekend, which is sure to be filled with enough laughs and shenanigans to make my stomach sore for days. Other plans with family and friends will certainly be added to the agenda while here. I can’t wait to play soccer in the side yard and swim in the pool with my nieces and nephew. Of course I will continue to apply for jobs and hold out hope that someone will contact me to set up an interview. I shall stay until the wind changes, or maybe until I arrange a ride back to North Carolina.

I am still terribly missing my husband, but I will relish in some me time, knowing we will soon be reunited. The adventure continues…stay tuned!

^^ father’s day with sister & my dear old dad

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