July Update

Uh, hi. Hello. Were you wondering where Mary went? I guess I could say I lost my keyboard or busted my iPad or fell off the face of the earth. But none of those things actually happened. I was just taking a break while in New York. Sometimes I lack that little bit of inspiration and motivation to update my blog, and I noticed feeling that way especially when I was back in my hometown. Everything there feels so familiar, which is not to say that it isn’t enjoyable, it just isn’t a new experience that I want to run home and hop on my tablet for. And voila, days turn into weeks and then a whole month passes me by.



I spent exactly one month in New York staying with my sister and also with some of my friends. It was really special to spend time with everyone back home – my dad, my sister and her family, my aunts & uncle, my best girlfriends and their kiddos. Since I arrived there mid-June, I was able to attend the end-of-the-year school activities. I was able to celebrate at a baby shower for a good friend, a 10th birthday pool party for my niece, cheered at softball games, soccer games, enjoyed fresh air on motorcycle rides with my dad, and watched many World Cup games on the television. There was also a lot of sunning myself out by the pool at my sister’s, which has given me quite the enviable suntan. There were several day trips to nearby places like Cooperstown, Old Forge, and too many visits to local ice cream establishments. There is just something about summer in upstate NY that makes me crave soft vanilla or twist ice cream cones, covered in sugary chocolate sprinkles. Why don’t they have soft ice cream like that on the west coast?!





Andrew has been in Seattle since May 22, which means we are coming up on two months apart. After 10 months of the two of us being together almost every day, being separated isn’t ideal, nor is it the easiest, but he had some job prospects that he wanted to pursue. I have missed having him around, that goes without saying, but I am glad he is out there with his bff, playing soccer and keeping busy with projects, job interviews, the World Cup and Sounders action. He even checked on our old house the other day, curious to see what the latest status was. Perhaps you’re interested to know that it is currently fenced off and being used for SWAT team training. Glad it’s being put to good use before it gets torn down. I think? And have I mentioned how much I love iMessage, FaceTime and Skype? Thank goodness for those things which keep Andrew and I in regular contact with each other.

^^ chatting with Andrew via FaceTime while kitty is all up in my face

From all the jobs I have applied to so far, I have only been rewarded with one very brief phone interview which was then followed by a standard rejection email. Blah. I wrote a little bit about the ups and downs of life after the travel ends, with my abundance of mixed emotions about the uncertainty of how long we would be apart and without jobs and a home. Just as I was starting to get over that hump, wouldn’t you know Andrew gets an email from a company who wants to fly him to the east coast for a 2nd interview. A reminder, I suppose, to trust things will come together, and to take it one day at a time.


^^ sunset over Otsego Lake in Cooperstown

As I was planning a return to my mom’s home in North Carolina after time in New York, my cousin invited me to come to Virginia to stay & help her with her 11-month old for a while following a minor surgery. She wouldn’t be able to lift the baby for 2 weeks, and since I am a registered baby hog, I naturally leapt at the chance.

^^ I wasn’t about to say no to that face

I can’t stop expressing my admiration and sincere gratefulness to have so many family members willing to provide me with a bed, meals, alcohol, conversation, activities, love. I am so lucky.

^^ trying to take an acceptable selfie with my aunt was a comical highlight

I will be in Virginia for a couple of weeks, and then presumably I will head back to my mom’s where I will continue the job hunt. Things are so uncertain and could change on a dime, so I really am just planning one day at a time. I really adore Virginia, so I am not the least bit sad to be here right now! I hope one of these companies will see Andrew’s incredible worth & potential, and offer him a position so I can follow suit and so we can get settled. Although there is no real news to pass along, we are on the verge of big things – I just know it. Stick around!


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