one year later!


Saturday, July 26 marked one year since my last day in the working world. It was also that same time one year ago in which I started this little blog. I couldn’t help but feel somewhat sentimental, and therefore reflective on such milestones.

It seems we always want what we don’t have. When I was working, I wanted so badly to quit and travel. I wanted to leave Seattle for a while, and experience settling in a new city. When I am away from Seattle, I miss it. Some days when I am sitting around watching the day slip away, I wish I was working.

I think no matter how stressful a job can be, there is something about the daily routine of it, the mental stimulation and challenges, the banter and camaraderie between co-workers that we humans thrive on.

As much as I have relished in the fact that I was able to live off savings without any income for a whole year, I am not wired to do this unemployed thing for very long. Besides watching television, cooking/eating, going for walks, refreshing my twitter and instagram feeds, I don’t have any true hobbies. Basically, I need a life, and by life I mean I need to go back to work. But if you’ve ever tried to find a new job, you know it is incredibly difficult and a constant emotional roller-coaster of finding exactly what you want, applying, and then never hearing from the company. Ah well, I will keep plugging along. Anyone out there want to hire me??!!

Whomever said ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ probably took a year off to travel. This past year has flown by me like no other. I have gotten out of this blog what I have put into it, and although there are things I sometimes think I could have done differently, i.e. post more content, I am so pleased with the way I chose to chronicle my year of adventures.

^^ one of my favorite memories of the USA road trip was attempting ((and failing)) to ride a mechanical bull in Austin

^^ Richmond rivals London with the best graffiti that we saw

^^ freezing our bums off in Boston and falling in love with the city anyways

^^ one of my favorite photos of the entire year, taken by Andrew of course!

^^ visiting Anfield, at last

^^ how breathtaking is Rocamadour in France?

^^ seeing this big kid at home on Christmas was for sure a highlight

^^ possibly the best thing I ate all year, from L’As du Fallafel in Paris. Drooooooooool x 100.

Some fun data from the past year…

number of posts: 65 ((including one not yet published that I swear I will get around to finishing one of these days))

number of countries who have visited my site: people in 63 different countries have come across my blog, and that stat alone completely blows my mind

most popular post: Change of Plans – rather than where I went, ironically, my post about unexpectedly coming back to the states in February was the most popular.

most popular photo on instagram: with 41 likes, this photo of the Eiffel Tower happens to be one of my favorites, too! I always loved that gorgeous structure printed on various trinkets, but seeing it in person was absolutely one of the top highlights of the past year for me.


number of weddings attended: 2 ((one of Andrew’s friends was married in January in Lewes, UK and the other was a very special April day in London spent celebrating the formal union of Andrew’s bro Alex and his bride Rosie))

number of US states visited: 20 plus the District of Columbia ((WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, PA, NY, MA, WV, KY, TN))

number of countries visited: 6 ((USA, Canada, Iceland, England, Germany, France))

number of airports visited: 9, plus 2 for pickups ((BOS, KEF, LHR, SXF, LTN, SEN, CLT, JFK, RDU + ILM & RIC for pickups))

One of these days, I will add up the total miles traveled over the past year. I know the road trip across the states was 7,341 miles, but it would take some figuring to add up all the rest including flights. And how about the amount of beds I’ve slept in? I lost track sometime last year after 21, but it would be fun to tally up that stat as well.

In some ways, I am more eager than ever to add to all these stats. I want to go everywhere; see everything. First, though, we need to replenish our bank accounts. And perhaps the majority of future adventures will be the standard 1 – 2 week allotments. But who knows, an extended trip may be in the cards again sometime in the future now that we’ve done it once.

I cannot thank you readers/friends/family enough for following along with me on this journey ((which doesn’t seem to be ending, btw!)). Mostly I wanted this site to be my way of keeping a journal throughout this year, but your patronage and support has been the icing on the cake. Today I am sending much gratitude your way!

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  1. Congratulations on your one year blog-versary! What an adventure you’ve been on over the past year:) I know what you mean about coming home and applying for jobs – I found that really difficult after my trip. But one of the benefits was that it opened my mind and gave me the opportunity to try new things. Good luck with the search!

    1. Mary says:

      Thank you! It sure is tough but I am just trying to take it one day at a time and appreciate each day before I’m stuck back in an office somewhere daydreaming about my next holiday πŸ˜‰

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