we are moving to…

Time to let you all in on some breaking news. A new beginnings type of adventure is about to commence. Today, I am boarding a plane to an unfamiliar destination. Well, boarding three planes to be exact, so my eardrums should be exploding entirely by the third runway touchdown. It isn’t Boston or Richmond or Portland I am headed for. It isn’t even Seattle. Nope, this new destination may surprise you ((as it did us)). We are moving to…


……Southern California.

Yes, that is, two people who have only known rainy cold seasons mixed with a few weeks of warm days throughout the year for the past decade-plus ((or our entire lives maybe?)) will now be living, working and adventuring where the average high in the month of January is 68 degrees F ((20 degrees C)). This golden summer suntan I have achieved is about to become permanent. We said we wanted somewhere different and we are in for it.

Adventure called in the form of Andrew’s former boss at Columbia literally picking up the phone and calling him to ask if he would be interested in opening and running a brand new store in the city of Ontario. We did some research on the internets, since we had never been to that area, and thought it seemed like a decent spot at which to live and work. Close proximity to places like San Diego, Joshua Tree NP, Palm Springs, Vegas, Arizona, Death Valley, Disneyland, among countless other places, unquestionably won us over. As well as avocados. And citrus fruits. But mostly avocados.

At the start of this year-long endeavor, I made it known that I missed our families and was ready to move away from Seattle. So it goes without saying it will be tough to be far away from everyone again. But that was the beauty of this past year. We spent so much time with everyone, getting to know each other’s families a bit better & having priceless time with our nine nieces and nephews; reconnecting with extended family. That cherished time we’ve had with everyone does make it easier to say goodbye for now, as backwards as that may sound.

This past year away from normal life has been refreshing, and we are both ready to be settled again. It is time to find a place of our own, get our belongings, see money deposited into our bank accounts instead of strictly being withdrawn.

I have no idea where we will live – that is what I/we are determined to sort out in the coming days. Andrew arrived in SoCal Sunday night and excitedly/reluctantly began work on Monday the 1st. When we spoke his first night there, we both had that “holy shit, batman” realization pause that this is actually happening. We are moving to a new place that neither of us have ever been to. Prior to that, the euphoria of one of us having a job and our plans of settling down finally coming together took over and we didn’t really have time to be terrified or stressed out. I guess that is what right now is for!

We are ready for friends and family to come visit us for a change, and we are confident Southern California is an appealing destination. So get planning your visit! We are anxious to reciprocate on the love and hospitality shown to us during this past year.

After two weeks of Andrew’s work re-training in California and Oregon, he and I will be reuniting in Seattle to efficiently arrange our belongings into a moving truck and hitting the road on an 18+ hour journey to unpack and settle in. Yay for another road trip down the west coast!


Will we live in Southern California forever? Not likely. But who really knows? If I’ve learned one thing in my ripe 32.5 years of life on Earth, it is that everything is temporary. We made the decision to give California a shot, and we’re going for it. I do know that living in a warm climate certainly makes all these cold weather trips which we gravitate towards seem more appropriate!

The year-long adventure has officially concluded. A new adventure begins, and I plan to keep blogging about it. Goodness knows I will have a lot of material to fuel new posts in the coming weeks!

Golden State, here I come.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bo Bohannon says:

    Very cool, what an adventure!

  2. Sharon says:

    Although you two are what, 4,000 miles away, you both have deeply touched our hearts in so many ways. The best always..and thank you for your love and care this past year!

  3. Pam says:

    Wonderful! You’ll have many Seattle visitors!

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