back in the saddle

Welp, look who neglected their blog for two months! CRAP. Do you ever have that feeling that you are just tired of hearing yourself talk? Maybe you want to curl up in bed and stay there for an entire 24-hour period and not see or talk to anyone because you can’t bear to hear your own voice for a bit? I felt that way about writing. I just didn’t want to hear or read my own words for a little while. And that makes zero sense for someone with their own blog, but here we stand.


Those feelings, coupled with the fact that I was working on getting settled into a new place and no longer traveling to excitingly new & picturesque places ((except for one of the nearest three Target stores several times a week)). It takes some getting used to again. When I first came up with the name Where Did Mary Go?, in some ways, I chose it because it is adaptable to regular life. I knew my travels were temporary, based on the fact that I do not have an endless supply of savings. I wanted to create a blog that could easily flow with me through the different phases of life I’d face in the coming years. And yet, I noticed myself uninspired to write about the mundane activities of the past two months of getting used to a new place and settling into routine life again.

Can you even believe it is November? Not only that, but Thanksgiving is next week! A sure reminder of getting older is how quickly time really passes. I remember back to August and the first week of September when Andrew and I were planning our move to California and then physically arriving. November was on our radar because that was when his new store would be opening. It seemed so far away back then.

So what have I been up to? I’ve managed to fill my days with various errands, cooking, food shopping, unpacking, organizing, reading a slew of books from my local library, searching job postings and applying to many of them that peaked my interest, lunch dates with a new neighbor friend, working out at the apartment complex fitness center in an effort to lose some of the poundage that I gained while traveling. And most recently, I’ve been cuddling up to a sweet stray cat that we took in ((more on that later)).

As much as I had a burning desire to take a year off and travel, I was also equally desiring to be settled again once it was over. There are certain activities that you take for granted when you have your own place – like going to Trader Joes and being able to buy whatever you want or need because you have your own fridge to come home and put it into. Your own cookware to prepare meals in. It is such a treat to stay in other peoples homes, hotels, or a tent for a while and have meals made for you. It is also a great feeling to be in your own space, and I’ve enjoyed it very much since we set foot into this adorable apartment.

About a month ago, I started training as a holiday cashier at a well-known high end kitchen shop located in the outdoor shopping center across the street. And true to the ways of this mysterious universe we live in, no sooner did I take that job when I started getting calls for various other jobs I’d applied to. One of the calls I received was for a full-time position in purchasing at a district office for three area community colleges. I had to go back into my electronic application and thoroughly re-read it because by then I sort of forgot about what the position involved. I was initially called on a Thursday, had the first interview the following Tuesday, second/final interview Thursday, fingerprints/background check the following Monday, and a conditional job offer Thursday the same week. In two weeks time I went from feeling as though I may wind up with a couple seasonal retail jobs, to beating out 24 other candidates ((!!)) and securing an incredible position in education. I still can’t quite believe it. I don’t know anyone that works there. I simply saw the position posted online, knew I was perfectly qualified for it, applied, nailed the interviews and accepted the offer that followed. What a feeling when other people see how much you have to offer, and want you on their team. I really wanted the job, and they’ve since explained to me my enthusiasm showed during the interview process.

Since I’ve rapidly gone from zero jobs to two, the next couple of months should be mostly a blur of learning both jobs, grumbling at the morning alarm clock, and feeling the stimulation of being back to work. I’m ready and I’m excited.

I started the full-time job just this week, and in my opinion it’s going quite well after just a couple of days. I have so much to learn, and I want to devour every bit of information I can get my hands and ears and eyes on. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work in the public sector which is brand new to me, but doing a job I have experience in, and doing it to the highest level of my ability.

These past two weeks I’ve been reflecting on the fact that Andrew and I took such a huge risk last summer, leaving behind cushy jobs in this economy. But I don’t regret it for one minute. It was precisely what I wanted at that point in time. And luckily we have now truly landed on our feet, in the warm southern California sunshine ((sorry Buffalo and the entire USA putting up with freezing temps right now)). Life is good.

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  1. Congratulations on re-joining the rat race. And, you don’t fool me … you really miss those 6-7 feet snowstorms.

    1. Mary says:

      Ha! Snow and rain are missed about 1% of my time here so far.

  2. Pam says:

    You do lead a charmed life, you know! And can’t wait to hear about the kitty………

    1. Mary says:

      Thanks, Pam! New post up today about our sweet kitty. Hope you like it!

  3. Donna Milsten says:

    So glad to hear the universe is treating you well! We are a bunch of truly blessed souls with much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. The pet connection is so rewarding. We went to the National Dog Show in Philly last weekend just for fun. The forecast is for snow in VA on Wednesday….wish you were here! 😜

    1. Mary says:

      How right you are! Missing you guys. Happy Thanksgiving xo

  4. Kate says:

    I am so glad things are just falling into place so well. Very deserved! The risk you took for a once in a lifetime adventure was awesome, and the rewards you are receiving now make it that much sweeter. And now a cute furry friend to top it all off! It was almost as if she was there waiting to say… “Welcome home.”

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