From SoCal to NorCal

The Darbyshires are on the move. Again.

Turns out just over one year in Southern California was all we needed. I am not aware that we are in any witness protection program, for the record.

After some time in Rancho Cucamonga, I realized in my heart that it would be a temporary location for us. I never felt that it had any true feeling of home for me. However, I was shocked when just over one year after arriving, we were planning our relocation for Andrew’s job. An opportunity came up in Northern California, which included a promotion, and who are we to say no to new opportunities? Within days of the original offer, it was decided we would depart the dry climate with endless sunshine for fog and more pronounced seasons in the Bay Area. The thought of finally unpacking and using cooler weather jackets, sweaters, boots is oddly appealing. Are we nuts to get sick of the heat so quickly? Maybe. We missed crunching leaves and rainy days. The decision was not a terribly tough one, apart from the financial consequences of me having to leave the College District office to find a new job in the Bay Area. I certainly met some great people during my time at my Purchasing job there, and of course we acquired the sweetest cat while living in Rancho, but we felt in our hearts it was the right time to move on.

Last week, we packed up a Penske truck with the help of our dear friend James, who flew in from Seattle for the occasion. He and Andrew have this open-ended arrangement to help each other move, which has seen numerous relocations within Seattle as well as up and down the west coast. None of us know how to sit still of any amount of time, but luckily their trusted friendship has survived every single move to date.


Buttons the cat and I made the six-hour trek up I-5 to our final stop at our gorgeous new apartment in Dublin, California, which is about 30 minutes southeast of Oakland in the Bay Area. Andrew and James soon arrived in the truck with all our belongings, to the only rain California has seen in years. Ok maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but of course it really was raining while they quickly unpacked the truck.

^^not sure how safe this is, but she needed a lap during the long journey

^^almost home! I was elated to see this sign because the 580 is the last freeway to get to Dublin.

We’ve spent the weekend getting settled and finding a home for all of our crap. Why do we accumulate so much stuff?? I pride myself on serious efforts of minimalism, yet we still have items that will end up in the trash or shoved in a cupboard somewhere never to be seen again…. until the next move. Here’s hoping that’s not for a while.

As much as I lacked inspiration to write or share bits of California life, coupled with the routine of a regular job taking over life, I cannot believe I haven’t posted anything on here since January! Slightly embarrassed about that, but I wasn’t interested in forcing something that was not there because the lack of passion would certainly come through in each post. Plus, I know deep down I was feeling a twinge of let down after traveling and visiting so many photographic places. I just assumed everyone knows what California looks like.

As I reflect on the year in SoCal, I cannot think of anything more I wanted to do there, nor was there anything left I desired to get out of being there. We spent time at Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, San Diego, numerous coastal beaches, and sweat on many different hiking trails. Only seeing ONE giant slithery disgusting snake in over a year seemed highly victorious. We fell in love with nearby Claremont and walked along the village streets any chance we got. So many wonderful family members came to visit us in SoCal over the past year, and we loved planning activities and events for their stays to show off our new state.

Now begins the next chapter. I am pleased to be near San Francisco, and even more thrilled that I can get there by train instead of driving. It is such a great city full of incredible sights, culture and a fascinating food scene. My cousin and his husband have also recently relocated to SF, so I am grateful to have family nearby when I need a lingering hug and a familiar face. I’m looking forward to exploring Dublin and nearby Pleasanton and Livermore. Pleasanton reminds me of those quaint villages near the Hudson River just north of Manhattan in New York State. I have heard through the local grapevine while I was getting my first Dublin manicure, there’s a group of wineries in Livermore. Hello vino. Plus we are once again within walking distance of Whole Foods and I’m an admitted addict so that’s satisfying.

^^love the bart train system

^^having these guys nearby is the best

I don’t know how long we will stay here, or how long until I get a full-time job. Hopefully not too long on the job part. I don’t know how often I will feel inspired to blog. What I know is this: so far I love it here and have that familiar feeling of home again.

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