HELLO there and welcome to the REVIVAL of where did mary go!

Over the past eight months, I have gone through a personal transformation, physical and emotional in various ways, during which it was clear to me that I needed to get back to writing and putting my love & attention into this little project. Of course I then immediately decided the blog also needed a giant rebirth of its own. It is Spring, after all.

During 2016, most of my adventures were to the city, Yosemite National Park, my local grocery stores & Target, and going to the occasional farmers market. Apart from a few wonderful visits from family and friends, the year seemed to go by without much fanfare. It was all back to the working world being boring adults. The spacious apartment we were living in was draining our bank account, so in early 2017 we decided to make some changes to ensure this year would be conducive to doing the things we love. We downsized apartments within the same complex. Yes, that’s correct, I said we moved again. Bless Andrew’s heart – he even secretly borrowed a shopping cart from Home Goods so we could load it up and wheel things from one building to the next. I made sure he returned it because there’s no way we could run the risk of be banned for life by Home Goods.

Although we still don’t feel rooted here in the Bay Area, husband and I are starting to come out of hibernation, make some travel plans for the rest of the year, and create some real adventures once again. This area of California does offer a lot, there’s no doubt about that, and the weather is shaping up for a gorgeous summer full of markets, events & celebrations, great food and hopefully some beach days.

I am looking forward to showing you around my world once again, and the list of places I want to tell you about is growing by the day.

It is so very good to be back.

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  1. Pam says:

    It’s wonderful to have you back sharing your adventures with us!

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