super soul sunday hike

Spring Sundays are the greatest day of the week.

Especially when the weather shapes up nicely for taking a hike. Blue skies, sunshine, mid-60s is my ideal scenario.

Recently someone told me about Weekend Sherpa, a website that offers a weekly email to its subscribers, which makes suggestions about outdoor hiking and activities in the Bay Area ((or LA)). Such a great idea. Each week I look forward to reading about new spots to explore. Last week’s suggestions included Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park which is only about ten minutes down the 680 freeway. I didn’t even know it was there. So I packed up some water, snacks, camera and headed out for a super soul sunday hike.

I’d been frequenting a couple different nearby trails, Dublin Hills Regional Park in Dublin and Las Trampas in San Ramon – both of which I do enjoy, but it feels adventurous to try a new spot.

It almost always makes for a notable day when it starts with a walk on the trails. The wildflowers are in bloom, the rolling hills are a vibrant shade of green, the birds sound so gleeful, the sun is shining on my shoulders, got a podcast playing in my ears, my hair is hidden underneath a baseball cap since it hasn’t been washed in 5 or 6 or 7 days. Besides Target and the Premier League, this is my version of church.

Thank you, strong legs.

There are a few different trail options at Pleasanton Ridge. I took Weekend Sherpa’s suggestion of Woodland/Olive Grove/Ridgeline/Thermalito trails, and it turned out to be a bit tiring for me. Oops. I thought I’d just go for an hour and come home to get on with my day. I failed to pay attention to the part that said it was 4.8 miles. My body wasn’t up for moving much the rest of the day, but it had also been a few weeks since my last hike.

There seemed to be ample parking, even during the mid-morning rush when I was leaving. This park is dog friendly, and popular with people on bikes, trail riding. Not sure how those bikers manage because I was huffing and puffing on foot up some of those inclines.

Enjoy the views I captured along the hike!

^^I live just over there.

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