Saturday mornings at the Ferry Building Farmers Market

It won’t surprise you to know my favorite Saturday morning activity in San Francisco, if I can get out of bed and into the city early enough, is wandering the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Because: FOOD.

The Saturday market is the largest I’ve been to in the Bay Area. There is an ample selection of fresh produce, freshly baked goods ((such as a DONUT MUFFIN)), hot & cold beverages, flowers, dairy, meats, you name it. There are also several grab and go food stalls, where you can get items like a bagel, chicken sandwich, oysters. Here is a link to the list of Saturday vendors.

On any given day, the Ferry Building is a food haven with permanent vendors such as Cowgirl Creamery, Gott’s, Stonehouse Oils and Acme Bread just to name a few. Each of these vendors’ delicious offerings are reason enough to visit, but Saturday mornings take it to a new level. I could spend hours perusing and tasting. This place brings such a smile to my face and a fullness to my tummy.

Ultimately, I think the photos tell the story of a morning at this market much better than I can in words. Enjoy!

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  1. Have been to the Ferry Building and Market. Some of the best foods you will ever find! One of my favorite places that I have visited!

  2. Keith says:

    And you can get liquorice ice cream there!

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