Hike to Goat Lake

The days are long but summer is always way too short. It is early July which means next it will be Labor Day and then five minutes later will be Christmas. Mark my words.

Plus with so much sadness, cruelty, negativity in the world everywhere we turn, my answer is, and basically for any situation is always, to get outside. Walking through the forest is the only place where the noise of the world and the noise of my anxious little brain are not invited and thankfully, do not show up. Not only that, but the fragrance and the greenery cause me to be forest drunk. Intoxicated on ferns.

I call it hiking, but what I look for on a trail description is a decent distance (5-10 miles) with some scenery and a small amount of elevation gain. So really, hiking is more of a long walk in the woods. Husband is 40 years old young and I am not far behind, so we like to stay in our lane when it comes to hiking/walking in the woods. Not really looking for that strenuous category designation, if you know what I mean.

Soon after moving back to Seattle, I signed up for an email notification for hike of the week in the Northwest so I’d have all sorts of ideas stashed away in gmail for days like today.

The most recent hike of the week suggestion which led us to the trail wasn’t actually Goat Lake, it was a trail off the Goat Lake trailhead, called Chokwich Trail. It ticked all my usual hiking criteria, and we took a break from all the exciting World Cup action & set out just before 7am from West Seattle for the two-hour road trip into the woods. We parked up, signed the register and headed out, following the signs toward Upper Elliot at a fork in the trail, and ended up at Goat Lake after about 5.5 miles, since we never actually spotted the turn off to Chokwich Trail.

These shades of greenery are like a living pantone book.

Goat Lake trail has so much to look at during the ten mile journey. Big towering trees, rocks of all shapes and sizes, moss, waterfalls, tiny little chipmunks begging for food. There are designated camping spots near the lake. I’d love to return and camp. I can imagine being here on a clear sunny day, hanging out by the lake & getting lost in a good book.

Every time I complete another PNW hike, I’m reminded how glad I am to be back here, and reminded that getting outside is always the answer. Deep breathing, peanut butter and a hot shower are also the answers, but mostly getting outside.

Another Super Soul Sunday hike in the books.

Note: To hike at Goat Lake, you’ll need a NW Forest Pass or a National Parks Pass.

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