olympia coffee

Recently, I posted about my favorite neighborhood spots, yet I saved my very favorite spot for now. Because, quite frankly, Olympia Coffee deserved it’s own post.

Earlier this year, a sweet little coffee shop by a company based in Olympia opened a gorgeous locale here in West Seattle. Now, before I go much further, you may be asking yourself “since when did Mary drink coffee?” and to that I would say you sure do know me! I do not drink coffee, however I certainly do not let that fact stop me from partaking in Seattle’s coffee culture and enjoying the weekend ritual of relaxing at the coffee shop. Plus, nearly all of the coffeehouses in Seattle serve great non-coffee options such as teas and hot chocolates (Andrew’s choice).

While Seattle is the home of Starbucks, it is also home to so very many delightful local coffee shops. During the gray drizzly winter months, we have no choice but to come in from the rain & warm up with a nice hot beverage. You cannot go very far without coming across coffee around this city.

What first drew me to Olympia Coffee was the gorgeous exterior aesthetic, from the wood accents to the logo sign. The interior was even more pleasing. Lots of light colored wood and marble, brightened up by natural light from windows that open up for a fresh air experience. And the most adorable succulents decorating each table. Sigh, I wish I could keep a succulent alive.

My drink of choice at Olympia is a chai latte with oat milk. The oat milk gives it such a smooth, velvety texture. I can’t speak for the coffees here, but I can tell you this is in my top 3 chai lattes of all time.

Not only do they have wonderful beverages here, the baked goods at Olympia are the most delicious coffee shop pastries ever known (delivered from a Redmond, WA bakehouse). The raspberry croissant oozes with raspberry jam as you cut into it, a personal favorite. Andrew likes to get the cronuts.

Taking a Sunday walk and ending up at Olympia feels like the greatest weekend pleasure. Sweet little Olympia Coffee, you are our favorite coffee shop and we are so happy to have you in West Seattle.

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  1. shareandmirror says:

    That coffee really is the best. I’ve even considered using a ground bag as an air freshener in my car it smells so good.

    1. Mary says:

      Glad to hear their coffee is legit! I recently found out they switched pastry companies to Macrina since the previous one moved away to Walla Walla. Totally bummed about it.

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