sleeping among the trees

If you’ve noticed a tree theme among my recent posts, and think oh dang that girl must be slightly obsessed with trees, you would be completely right. I am a bonafide treehugger at heart. I’m a Pisces who requires the woods as much as water. I wish my apartment could regularly smell exactly like the fresh air pine fragrance found in the woods here in the Evergreen State.

Earlier this year, I surprised Andrew for our anniversary with an overnight at an adorable little tree house not far from Seattle, at a lovely property called TreeHouse Point. They have six tree houses, five of which are currently available to book. During the summer and much of the year, TreeHouse Point requires a 2-night minimum stay. During some of the winter months, they allow for a one-night stay which was perfect for celebrating our 7th anniversary on a weeknight.

We arrived just around dinner time, after a day at work. We checked in at the mail lodge and walked along the path around the pond & out to our Bonbibi tree house (yes they’re each named) to get settled. I’d brought supplies to make a small cheese board for dinner which we enjoyed for a sweet little meal as the sun was setting. Pretty sure we fell asleep around 8pm since we felt so relaxed being among the trees. We loved reading the messages written in the guestbook of our tree house, many previous guests suggesting sleeping with the windows open which we sure did. They also left gorgeous messages of engagement stories, commemorating special occasions like ours, an anniversary, or just a night of a deserved splurge on self care.

Just down the path from our tree house was a shared toilet and shower area, with heated cement floors. So it was similar to camping where you have to get out of bed, throw on a coat and shoes and rush to the toilet because you waited until the very last minute since you were so warm and comfortable under the blankets, but this time it was a large step up from a pit in the ground style outhouse. This was a real bathroom with a flush toilet and lemongrass soaps and hand towels.

It was so quiet in the woods, we felt like we had the entire property to ourselves even though some of the other tree houses were occupied.

In the morning after showering and freshening up, we made our way into the lodge where there is a giant wooden communal dining table and breakfast was being prepared by the property chef. Sleeping in the trees is a complete delight, and this breakfast spread they prepared for us put me over the edge of glory. Yogurt with granola and lemon curd, crustless quiche, fresh fruit, chocolate cake, ebelskivers. It was more food than I ever needed to start my day, but I couldn’t resist trying a bit of everything while chatting with the chef all about travels and being married to an ex-pat.

I look back on that overnight so fondly, and often check their booking availability just as a tease. It would be near impossible to find a weekend opening since they are often full for weddings and special events but I’d love to do a two-night stay sometime and enjoy some morning hiking near the property and spend the rest of the day reading and writing away. And to eat another glorious breakfast. Andrew wants to stay in the Burl treehouse next time, which is fine by me! No wonder every kid wanted a treehouse growing up. It really is the place to be. Sleeping among the trees.

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  1. Richard Polizzi says:

    As usual your writing is superb and I enjoy reading them

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