cinnaholic comes to seattle


For years, I’ve wished for our very own Cinnaholic in Seattle. Every time they would announce via Instagram a new shop opening, I’d feel let down that it wasn’t in my city. Seattle needs this decadent treat, why are we being neglected?!

One fine Friday late in October, my wish was finally granted when the newest location opened its front door in Capitol Hill.

It’s a simple concept which began in Berkeley, California…build your own cinnamon roll. You choose the frosting flavor and toppings. Almond & peanut butter are my standards for frosting flavors. It’s sweet and guilty and delicious. The combinations are endless. Can’t choose one frosting? Get two flavors side by side!

Trust that I nearly lost my dang mind when I stumbled upon an article on Eater sharing the news Seattle would be getting a Cinnaholic. Immediately I hopped onto Microsoft Teams, much like the famous gif of the cat pounding away on a keyboard, to alert my coworkers of this glorious announcement. HMMM but it’s vegan, one of them said. No matter, I said, even Andrew is a fan and we all know he’s extremely selective when it comes to food and diet.

Naturally I had to visit opening weekend to see it for my very eyes. It’s a tiny little spot near Broadway, with standing tables. I imagine they’ll have some outside seating for the summer. I told everyone that would listen how pumped I was about the store opening. It seems like they still have some initial kinks to work out, the cinnamon roll was a bit doughy and the toppings melted into the roll more than I would prefer. I’m a Cinnaholic snob, my standards are based solely on the OG flagship location (see above photo).

What a time to be alive. Welcome to Seattle, Cinnaholic! So thrilled you’re here.

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